Q. What all Sports & Categories are included in Corporate Carnival 2020?

We have 8 sports in Corporate Carnival.

Box Cricket Mixed Teams
Football 5s Men’s Team Event
Football 7s Men’s Team Event
Basketball Men’s Team Event
Badminton Men’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Women’s Singles | Women’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles
Table Tennis Men’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Women’s Singles | Women’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles
Carrom Men’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Women’s Singles | Women’s Doubles
Chess Common Event

Q. How do we register for Corporate Carnival 2020?

You can register online using the website

www.corporatecarnival.com /rules_regulations.html

Alternatively, you can contact your HR Department and have a bulk company registration for all interested employees by calling on +91 9890505194.

Q. Who can register in Corporate Carnival event?

The competition is open to all businesses and organisations – large and small
Only Full time employees of organizations are allowed to take part.
Professional clubs/teams are not allowed to participate.
Multiple teams from same business and organizations are allowed to participate as well.

Q. When is Corporate Carnival 2020 happening?

Corporate Carnival 2020 is on April 18-19 and 24-25, 2020

Q. Can we register on-the-spot?

No. The last date to register is 5th April 2020. We do not take any on the spot registrations during the event.

Q. Where are the Rules for Sports mentioned?

All the rules of each sport are readily available under the REGISTER tab on the Website Homepage. Kindly go through all the rules in order to be better prepared for the Event.

Q. Where can we see the Schedule and Results of Corporate Carnival 2020?

The schedule for the event and the results of all the matches will be updated on the website.

Q. Who is organizing Corporate Carnival?

This is the 5th Year of Corporate Carnival. It is an initiative of Blue Ramp Management.

Q. Will refreshments be provided to the Participants?

Water and Glucose is provided to all the participants. The participants would not be provided food at the venue. However, there are a lot of food joints in the vicinity of the venue where participants can have a quick snack.

Q. Can Participants compete in Multiple Sports?

Yes. Participants may compete in one or more of the sports. We try to make the schedule in such a way that each player can play maximum sports. However, it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure competition schedules are not conflicting and bring the same to the notice of the organisers.

Q. Who can I contact to learn more about Corporate Carnival?

You can contact Mr. Shrirang Khaparde  on +91 9890505194 or write to us on corpcarnival@gmail.com

Q. Do we have to a wear a Team Uniform?

No. However, we would love to see your unity by wearing a team dress. Additionally, you also stand a chance to win the Best Dressed Team Award at Corporate Carnival.

Q. Is there parking available at the Venue?

Parking is available at the Venue and you should not have a problem finding a parking spot for your vehicle.

Q. Are spectators allowed at the venue?

We encourage you to bring your friends and families to watch you play at the Corporate Carnival.