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Team consisting of Both Men’s and Women’s allowed.


Entry Fees:Rs. 3500 + 18% GST

Age Groups: Open to all ages
Participants to carry: Cricket Bats
Provided by us: Tennis Ball, Stumps
Dates: May 25-26 and June 1-2, 2019
Venue: Chondhe Patil Sports Complex

  • Mixed Team (Men and Women) permitted
  • Tennis Balls will be provided for the Matches
  • 6 persons playing per side (Additional 2 Squad Players)
  • 6 Members once selected at the Toss will complete the entire match unless there is an injury in which case a player is allowed to be substituted for fielding but will not be able to Bat or Bowl.
  • Each match is limited to 6 Overs a side.
  • One bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs.
  • In case of a tie in scores, the result will be decided on the basis of Super Over.
  • The pitch length should be verified by both captains and umpire BEFORE the start of the game and cannot be modified once the play has started.
  • The Pitch will have a Line Marking (at halfway point) and the Ball bounce has to be beyond the specified line. In case of the ball bouncing before the line, a No Ball will be declared.
  • Bowling will be done Over-Arm in a Standing Position with no Leg Movement.
  • Any leg movement or Line Cutting will result in a No Ball.
  • The bowler’s hand at all times should stay under the height of his Head.
  • There is NO limitation on placement of fielders as long as they do not cause obstruction to the batsman.
  • There would be no LBW out, also leg byes would not be granted.
  • The wicket keeper can be rotated and all players are allowed to bowl.
  • Free hit balls are not applicable under any condition.
  • At any given time only the Captain of the Team must & has the right to speak.
  • The playing teams must be present THIRTY minutes before the start of the play and are also requested to take care of their own belongings, as the organizers will not be responsible for loss of their property or valuables.
  • Organizers will not be responsible for any injuries or mishaps at the venue. The participants are requested to carry their own safety equipment.
  • In case of a possible dispute regarding a hit for 4/6 runs and /or a catch at the boundary, fielders are advised to stay put and help the umpire make the decision by holding their ground. Benefit of doubt shall always go to the batsman.
  • One representative from each playing side will accompany the official scorer and inform him about the player’s detail. In case the representative is not available, no corrections or amendments would be allowed later.
  • All players must carry their Photo ID Cards or a letter from the company authorizing the player to be an employee of the company. In absence of this, the player would not be allowed to play the match.
  • The decision of the Steering Committee shall be final in all matters. On field the umpire’s decision would be considered final.
Register for Box-Cricket 2019

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