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We have 4 categories in Carrom.

Best of 4 Boards till SF | Semi Finals & Finals will have full board of 25 Points

Entry Fees: Singles – Rs. 550 + 18% GST | Doubles – Rs. 800 + 18% GST


  • Best of 4 Boards till Semi Finals
  • Semi Finals & Finals will have full board of 25 Points.
  • Stroke to be made by nail side of finger up to second joint.
  • Any hand or any finger can be used.
  • Thumbing is allowed.
  • Queen (3 points) can be taken after pocketing minimum one coin of self and cover is must.
  • Stroke to be made covering full circle.
  • Striker should touch both lines while making stroke. Foul or due to be placed in circle in flat position but not on red circle.
  • Queen or jumped coin will be placed by umpire in centre circle.
  • Common Striker would be available but Players can bring their own Strikers as well.

Age Groups: Open to all ages
Participants to carry: Can Bring own Strikers
Provided by us: Carrom Boards, Coins & Striker
Dates: 14th and 15th April,2018
Venue: Chondhe Patil Sports Complex

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Register for Carrom 2018

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